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«One thing that I find with meditating is that it helps me make better decisions … I’m more creative too. So there’s the element of reducing stress, reducing tiredness and all those feelings, but there is the positive element as well».

Arianna Huffington on TM

Arianna Huffington

Meditate for a brighter,
more positive state of mind

Evidence shows that Transcendental Meditation improves your resilience to stress.
This simple technique allows you to find deep relaxation … and also strengthens you
to better handle … the challenging situations life presents.

Decrease your stress hormones naturally

TM’s effect on cortisol: this landmark study published in Hormones and Behaviour found that Transcendental Meditation reduces excessive cortisol.

Decreased Cortisol

The Stress Hormone

TM's effect on cortisol

Reference: Hormones and Behaviour

Decreased Symptoms of Stress (PTSD)

TM is twice as effective at reducing stress

Source: Journal of Counseling and Development

Reduce the effects of stress

War veterans practising TM improved significantly on eight measures, in contrast to others randomly assigned to a variety of psychotherapeutic modalities.

A Conversation with Katy Perry

The Cure For Common Stress

A Conversation with Katy Perry

The Cure For Common Stress

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