Meditating to happiness

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“I practise Transcendental Meditation twice a day. Every morning, lunchtime or evening, for about 20 minutes … I believe in the power of intention and thought”.

Gisele Bündchen on TM

Gisele Bündchen


Happiness is the natural state of life …

Millions of people have experienced the transformative effect of TM on their lives.
TM helps clear away everything that obscures the happiness deep inside.

Increase your happiness hormone naturally

Neurologists have found that practising TM naturally increases serotonin, the neurotransmitter that plays a key role in regulating mood and sleep-wake cycles. Healthy levels of serotonin promote restful sleep. The practice of TM also reduces the level of stress-related hormones which affects a large number of areas in life, particularly the quality of sleep.

Change in serotonin levels during TM practise

Reference: Journal of Neural Transmission Vol 39, pp257-267

Improved Psychology through TM

Self-realisation: a meta-analysis.

Leave negativity behind

Studies show that TM reduces anxiety, negative emotions and neuroticism, more than mindfulness and other types of meditation.

Up-to-date summary of TM research, August 2020


A Conversation with Katy Perry

The Cure For Common Stress

A Conversation with Katy Perry

The Cure For Common Stress

One simple technique connecting you with the
source of all your energy, creativity and intelligence,
dissolving stress to enrich mind and body,
emotions and relationships.

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